Saturday, September 27, 2014

33 Weeks...and Counting!

Well, how about a little update!    With the instant gratification of Instagram (pardon the pun), I haven't had the will to sit down and write a blog post.  But let's get one in before I pop out a little Cesarz baby!!

After many years of infertility nonsense...we got knocked up!  The old fashioned way!!  *wink wink*

A beautiful surprise, which came exactly one week after my sister called and told me she was pregnant (with twins!!).  The Bielski girls were more than doubling our little offspring lot before Thanksgiving, and all were overjoyed.

I've traveled with this little pumpkin all over the great mitten state this summer, and swam in the icy waters of Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Superior.  I've neglected my gardens and read countless novels on the porch with iced tea in hand.  It's been a beautiful pregnancy, and hard to believe we're in the final stretch.

Not much to complain of...some normal swelling, and the telltale puffy lips of my pregnancies.  Heartburn, lots of peeing, and I'm really craving a cocktail.  It's a mover and a shaker, and may have a pitchfork in there.  When it's not being a little alien and stabbing my with pointy things, it has the hiccups.  So many years went by thinking that I would never feel these sweet things I am beyond grateful for every last little sign that there is a strong and healthy person in my belly!  Now on to gratuitous belly photos.

OMG...remember when I had a waist line?

Long watermelon belly...just like with Coco!

My last trip to Cincinnati to visit with my sister before....

...These two showed up!!!   Meet my little Nephew and Niece,
Jude Henry and Leona Eve!!  
My sister did good ;).

Stay tuned for the big arrival, some time around mid November!

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